Scheduled Redirects

I will create 10 url pages. And set a page that will handle the redirects

The redirects should start at a set date and rotate through the 10 url pages. Starting at page 1 and moving on to the next page after 5 seconds. This should be a loop that starts from the first url and once reaching the 10th url the loop starts again. This looping process should continue for 64,000,000 seconds (2 years).

Reloading the redirect page should NOT restart the loop. The loop should work outside the loading of the redirect page. I have more features to add to this script after I test it, and see how you have put it together.

I will create a QR Code linked to the redirect page. So if the user scans the QR code he will be directed to whatever page is the current one in the loop.

Please give me a price for this, and explain to me how you will do it.

After this is written I will have a form page where the user can edit and/or add new url pages to the loop and change the start date and set the period of view for each url e.g. the 1st url stays set for 7,200 seconds (2 hours) then the 2nd url could be set for 900 seconds (15 minutes), then the 3rd url could be set for 180 seconds (3 minutes) etc. The pages and the duration of view of each page, and the duration for the looping code can be edited at any time by the person filling in the form.

But just for now I just want the looping page redirects to be working for demonstration purposes at 5 seconds each url.

Please let me know how you will implement this and what process and code you will be using.