Magic Lotto Wheel

The Front wheel is printed on the reverse of clear 1mm acrylic.
The image below shows the artwork sample for the wheel.
The wheel is die cut into a circle 290.5mm Diameter – with a 6mm Diameter central hole and the rectangle section to the right of the wheel is also cut out. I have coloured the cutout sections in red.
The white boxes in the wheel are unprinted and are clear so you can see through them to the background sheet.

The Red rectangle section which will be cut out with the die is rotated so that the user can see the 12 green-lined boxes on the rear sheet. And the user writes his selection of lotto numbers in those boxes on the rear sheet.

The Die for the front wheel is below:

The rear wheel is printed on 420g card stock – colour on both sides.
The rear wheel is die-cut into a circle 290.5mm in diameter with a 6mm diameter hole in the middle.

Below is the front side of the rear wheel.

The reverse of the rear wheel artwork is below:

The die for the rear wheel is below:

The wheels are attached with an eyelet with a 6mm shaft – firm enough so the wheels can be rotated but not loose. These wheels are to be attached with the eyelets in-house.

If you believe that an eyelet with a 4mm shaft is sufficient. Then that would be better to use,

An example of the eyelet attaching the wheels is below:

Here is the link for a pdf doc. with the dies artwork Lotto-Wheel-Die

The wheels should be finished in sealed plastic sleeves, ready for retail display.