100 Opt-Out (New)

When the user creates a new message the cursor is on the first line in the message field
On the second line is “To opt out reply STOP”
This “To opt out reply STOP” is on all messages. The user can delete it if he wishes before saving a message.

when the user replies STOP he will reveive no more automated messages.
The app will then send a confirmation message to the user:
“You will not receive any more messages.
If you want to re-subscribe just reply with the Keyword you originally sent to join this autoresponder.”

200 The first message can NOT be deleted.

Please grey out the trash can on the first message.
The first message does not have the Move Up/down Icon.

300 The move Icon

When the user clicks the move icon on a message a modal window opens:

The user can then select where to move the message to in the list. The first message cannot be moved or deleted. It can only be edited.
When the user moves a message to a different position the other messages in the display are renumbered.

The default radio button will be the first one () End of the message list
Contents of the modal window are:

Select where to move this message to:
[ ] End of the message list
[ ] Before message 2
[ ] Before message 3
[ ] Before message 4
[ ] Before message 5


400 Deleting a message

When a user clicks the trash can to delete a message a confirmation modal window opens:
The content of the confirmation modal window is:

Are you sure you want to permanently delete this message?
[ ] Do not display this message again

If the user clicks the checkbox “Do not display this message again” before he clicks the “OK” button.

This confirmation modal window will not appear again.

500 Deleting an autoresponder
Disable the “slide to delete feature” in the Autoresponders List.
The user clicks the trash can to delete an autoresponder and a confirmation modal window opens:
The content of the confirmation modal window is:

Are you sure you want to permanently delete this autoresponder?
[ ] Do not display this message again

550 Sending alert messages to social media accounts

This section never worked –

560 Search to add a contact for an alert message

The social media buttons are all greyed out.

The user can only select one of these buttons at a time. When the user selects a social media button the search field becomes visible

To select a contact in Telegram to send this alert message to the user clicks the Telegram button and types in the characters to search for.

In this case, the user has typed in “al” and the Telegram contacts with names containing “al” are displayed.

The user clicks the check boxes of the contacts he wants to send the alert message to.

The user then searches for a WhatsApp Business contact to add with a name containing “zo”

The user clicks the check box to select zo to add to the send-to list.

The contacts who will receive this alert messare are displayed on the send-to list.

The user can uncheck the check boxes of the contacts he does not want to send a particular message to.

These contacts will stay in the list for the user to check or uncheck them for other alert messages.

The user can delete a contact from the list by clicking the trash can to the right of that contact. If the user then decides he wants to add that person back on the send-to list he does the search again and that person is added back on the send-to list.

If the user wants to add another contact to send this alert message to, he clicks the social media channel to search and the search field becomes visible. The search field is NOT visible until a social media button has been clicked.

600 Alert Button – new autoresponder
When a user creates a new autoresponder, the alert button is set by default to off and the alert section is closed.

When the user clicks to save the autoresponder and does not put any content or send to numbers in the alert message – and does not turn the alert button on – The autoresponder is saved without displaying any confirmation alert modal warning.

650 Alert Button on
When a user creates a new autoresponder or edits an autoresponder.
When the user clicks to save the autoresponder and… The user has message content in the message field – and has send-to numbers in the alert message – and the alert button is on – The autoresponder is saved without displaying any confirmation alert modal warning.

700 Alert turned on and the user clicks to save an autoresponder
If the user clicks to save an autoresponder and does not put any content or send to numbers in the alert message – but has the alert button on – The autoresponder is saved without displaying any confirmation alert modal warning.
But the alert button is turned off before the autoresponder is saved.

800 When a user pays for their subscription…

Currently, the on/off button for the autoresponders is set to OFF after a subscription is renewed or paid for after the trial period.
This button should be set to ON after a subscription is renewed or subscribed for after the trial period

900 Adding Google map addresses

When the user searches for a Google Map Address the selection displayed should be in the country where the user is. Currently,

it is displaying matches all around the world.

As more characters are put in the search field it displays the correct nearby address.

When the address is displayed it should show the street address, not the longitude and latitude.

Like this…

Not this…

When you click on the google map link received it does NOT display properly…

When you click directions it displays properly but not displaying the searched for street address

The previous google maps link you put in before was working properly. Please fix

1000 Delete the open and close icon

Delete the open and close icon and move the alert on/off button close to the ? All messages will remain open when an autoresponder is opened.

1100 A new autoresponder will look like this….

1200 Alert button turned on

When the alert button is turned ON the Alert section opens.
When the Alert button is turned OFF the Alert section closes.

1250 Change Autoresponder layout
We need to make sure our autoresponder layout does not look similar to the other autoresponders.
Please note Autoresponder is one word. Change the following things in the autoresponder layout.

To be safe: We should put all the channel selector icons in square boxes with round corners, to make them look different to Lemi-apps

1300 We do not need this alert message
Delete this code – We are not using this alert message warning.

1400 Missing details message

If the user tries to save a new autoresponder and there are no details entered for the first message this alert message appears.
THERE IS A BUG IN THE LOGIC: This warning appears if you try to edit an autoresponder – even if there is content in the first message.

“You must enter details in the First “Message 1″ field before you can save a new autoresponder.”

1500 Short LInks

I have set up dynamic short links for some of the side menu bar items. I can change the urls they are directed to as I put content there, without having to change the code in the app. is a short link platform I have access to. is my domain name.

Unique content must be on the app to avoid a copyright breach.

Privacy Policy

About Us


Rate Our App


Request Feature

Contact Us

1660 Our menu layout must be changed.

Our menu looks similar to the opposition’s. Things like this cause copyright issues.

1670 Here is a new menu design.

We need to delete the highlighted sections SUPPORT and LINKS.


1700 Help link on the side bar

The help on the sidebar menu goes directly to this link: Do NOT display the content outlined below in the white box. THIS IS DUPLICATE CONTENT THAT CONTRIBUTED TO GETTING THE COPYRIGHT BREACH.

1800 Subscription Plans – Page layout

We need to make this page look very different from the opposition.

  • The text on the top of the page says Subscription Plan
  • Make the monthly plan price bigger and bolder
  • align the price per Month – horizontally aligned to the center of the main price as per the layout below
  • Place a LightGray color on the page background
  • The Dark green color of the plan blocks should now be white
  • The text and icons in the plan blocks are the dark green
  • The action button on the bottom is dark green with white text in capitals on it “SUBSCRIBE”
  • The plan blocks open and close like they are doing now.
  • There is different text on the bottom of the window – that text is dark green
  • Change the corner radius to 1/3 of the radius dimensions it is currently, to look different from the opposition.
    No Costs for Messages.
    Option to attach one or more images to Messages.
    Option to attach Google Map Links to Messages.
    Ability to create unlimited Autoresponders with
    Unlimited numbers of Scheduled Messages in each Autoresponder.

This should give us a substantially different look to the opposition

Here is a paragraph

Here is a paragraph

1900 Regarding the optimization of images

Are there libraries that will do a good job of optimization that we could make a one-time purchase of. We need to get the optimization of images much better than it is now.

Can you please confirm that you are setting the optimization to 70% of the original image NOT 30%?

2000 Copyright information.

We need to put a copyright icon beside the Kudo logo on all pages where it is used.

I will send new logo images to you with the copyright symbol and date of copyright.

I have an extra link on the side menu “Copyright” I will create a url with details of what we are claiming as copyright and indicate what logos and icons we are using that are in the creative commons. Do you agree with this?

2200 Help privacy policy

I am sure it was the duplicate content we had to the Oppositions app that caused problems with the copyright. Content of the page needs to be changed.

New layout to be uploaded soon

2300 We need to change our description to “Multi Keyword Autoresponder” on pages where we just put “Keyword Autoresponder”

I will refer to the Kudo app as a Multi Keyword Autoresponder in URL content as well.

2400 BUG 1. Pasting text not working.

I am trying to paste text into a new message. It is NOT WORKING. please FIX this bug. I am using my new phone samsung s23 ultra.

2450 BUG 2. The save button is not working.

I can not save an edited autoresponder

2500 BUG Possible – message blocks are moveable and be placed in a different order

If this feature is running then messages must be renumbered automatically and the first message block needs to be locked.

2550 Save button does not work on edited autoresponders

2560 The tick on the top of the image editing window needs to be same style as in rest of app –

Green circle with white tick

2570 google maps search is NOT working properly.

The search results should be showing the closest address at the top of the list and be sorted in descending order from there. Currently, it is sorting the list from the furthest away match at the top of the list. SEND ME THE CODE YOU HAVE WRITTEN FOR THIS SEARCH so I can check it. It is not written properly.

2580 SSL ownership

Send me the login administrator username and password details for my account where the SSL is registered.

2590 Alert message bug

When the user tries to save an edited autoresponder the alert message displays “You must enter details for the first message before you can save an autoresponder.” This alert is appearing even when there is content in the first message.

2591 Slide Autoresponders to delete them.

Delete this function (It is too easy for the user to slide and delete an autoresponder by mistake). The user can just use the trash can to delete autoresponders.

2600 It’s very important that you answer the following questions

Explain to me in detail how and what service you were using at Twilio for the text sending?

Were you using the Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) service to send push notifications? If not what other method.

If we have to pay twilio a fee to use the service you had set up, then what is the price twilio will charge to user this service?

Will twilio charge PER NOTIFICATION?

Or will twilio charge for data usage?

Find out the costing from twilio for us to keep using their service and let me know?

Let me know when the app is working for social media messages.

The save button is NOT working when you try to edit and modify an autoresponder.

2650 The Kudo App must send sms directly from the user’s phone without 3rd parties.

Using Twilio which is 5c per message here in Australia is not acceptable. The most important main feature of the Kudo app was to have scheduled sms messages to be sent from the user’s phone. I would never have hired you to write the code if I know you were using Twilio to send the sms messages. Using a free service at Twilio was a terrible decision you made for the function of the app. Of course, a free service like this would be ceased by Twilio when a very large volume of messages were being sent. Pradeep lied to me and told me that you were just using Twilio for testing the app. That the kudo app DOES NOT use Twilio to send messages.


You have wasted a large amount of your and my time by using Twilio. The Kudo app does not work and still has many bugs.
There are apps that already do SMS scheduling on the user’s phone without using third parties.
I have sent details of this app a number of times to you and have not had any response from you. Download it and check the code and get back to me

There are a number of apps that already do SMS scheduling on the user’s phone without using third parties (This negates the use of Twilio or any other third party:

2700 Security problem at google regarding the google maps. Please fix. Here is the email they sent me.

Message from google – Fix this up:
Google Maps Platform
Protect your API keys with recommended restrictions
Hello Graham,
Some of your Google Maps Platform projects have unrestricted API keys, which can be stolen and lead to unwanted charges.
To keep your API keys safe, we strongly recommend you secure them by limiting each key’s usage to specific apps and websites.
Click the project links below to access the Credentials section of Google Maps Platform console and click “APPLY RECOMMENDED RESTRICTIONS” for each unrestricted key. Restricting your keys shouldn’t take more than a few minutes.
Your projects with unrestricted keys

You can always change the restrictions later if you need to.
Learn more about API key best practices.
Google Maps Platform Support

2750 Send me the React code.

Every time you do a number of updates you need to send me the original react code. I am going to have another programmer check your code as we have had many many bugs up to this stage.